Electric Guitar Lessons In Houston

Plugin to anelectric guitar experience at Houston Music Academy! We love to rock and jam to just about any musical genre. Since Les Paul created the first solid body electric guitar, the phenomenal ability to craft one’s individual tone and individual sonic personality continues to grow today.

Houston Music Academy’s Guitar program is the first step in a solid music foundation and learning to play Guitar like a professional. All students receive a comprehensive understanding of the instrument including tuning, timing, finger placement, chords, chord structure, scales, theory, soloing, playing with a pick, playing with fingers, and repertoire. Students also have the opportunity to attend group rehearsals, working up to a live performance with a full band. The combination of instruction, rehearsal, and live performance is essential to up your game and understand how to interact in a group. Houston Music Academy’s core philosophy is that performance-based music education is the best way for students to gain musical proficiency. All of our lessons include an optional performance aspect.