Guitar Lessons In Houston

Guitar Lessons in Houston
Guitar lessons in Houston for all ages

Studying guitar at Houston Music Academy is a rewarding experience. We are focused on developing you not only as a guitarist, but a complete musician. On the guitar side, there's technique, competence, theory and tunes. On the musician side you put it all together and will have opportunities to play/jam with your fellow students and faculty. Exchanging ideas, working out your musical thoughts in a friendly setting.

At Houston Music Academy, we encourage you to start your journey with baby steps. A lot of people who have tried to learn how to play guitar in the past, find this slow, easy approach very helpful. We are here to help from the very basics to more advanced. Something amazing about the guitar is that there seems to be an arrangement made of just about any pop song for the guitar. These songs are a blast to play and even better if you can sing and play!

Singer Songwriter at Houston Music Academy

Ari, performs her original at HMA

Classical Guitar at Houston Music Academy

Classical Guitar At Houston Music academy

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