30 Minute Lessons mid-month

30 Minute Weekly Lessons $135 a month

- Mid Month Start- Your first charge will be for two lessons, then regular monthly charges will be for 4 lessons.

4 Lessons a month, lessons occur weekly.

One on one lessons with a Pro

30 minute music lessons are a great way to get started. Choose your style- Rock, Acoustic, Pop, Singer Song Writer, Blues, Jazz or Classical. Each lessons is 30 minutes long and occurs once a week. Please call for dates and times.

This is a recurring payment. Payments will automatically be charged monthly. You may cancel at any time, preferably at the end of a lesson cycle.

Lessons must be made up the month they are missed. 

Going on vacation or need a break? Payments are easily suspended until your return.

No registration fee!


Trial duration: 17 days
Trial price: $65.00
Duration: 30 days
Price: $135.00