Ukulele Lessons In Houston

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The Ukulele is a pleasure to play and capable of very simple but yet sophisticated sound. This instrument will delight you with its sound and amaze you with it's simplicity. Many well known artist play Ukulele such as Jason Mraz, Jonni Mitchell, and George Harrison, the later which is said to have always traveled with a Ukulele or three wherever he went- one for himself and one for a friend. 

Playing the Ukulele is very straight forward. The neck is narrow so it's easy for kids to play and is a great gateway to guitar for aspiring youngsters and adults. At Houston Music Academy, we encourage you to start your journey with baby steps. A lot of people who have tried to learn how to play ukulele in the past, find this slow, easy approach very helpful. We are here to help from the very basics to more advanced. Something amazing about the Ukulele is that there seems to be an arrangement made of just about any pop song for the Ukulele. These songs are a blast to play and even better if you can sing and play!