Kids Guitar Lessons In Houston

Kids are capable of learning just about any style of music. For guitar, that’s quite a range! At Houston Music Academy, kids are provided with an opportunity to try different genres. Of course most kids are interested in pop and rock and these two genres can provide a significant foundation for technique and repertoire and are encouraged. For those young upstarts that want to explore Spanish Classical Guitar or the challenge of Jazz Guitar, Houston Music Academy provides excellent opportunities for your youngster to explore these genres a well. Bear in mind, we start slow and match the speed of the student as well as choosing music that they love playing. Overall, we seek to provide a positive experience.

Students also have the opportunity to attend group rehearsals, working up to a live performance with a full band. The combination of instruction, rehearsal, and live performance is essential to up your game and understand how to interact in a group. Houston Music Academy’s core philosophy is that performance-based music education is the best way for students to gain musical proficiency. All of our lessons include an optional performance aspect.

Spanish Guitar at Houston Music Academy


No doubt, playing guitar is a great feeling! Kids are amazing and are interested in all kinds of music. This student is particularly interested in the work of Fernando Sor, a Spanish classical guitarist/composer from the 18th century.


Well, who doesn't love a little Rock and Roll? Ellen and many others do! At HMA, Classic Rock, Country, Blues, and more is among the many styles kids play.

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They may be kids, but they are very serious about learning guitar and feeling empowered with their skills and knowledge. Sara plays Spanish Guitar and enjoys playing Giuliani. She also plays here favorite pop songs from India!